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In the Noel T. Keen Hall Microscopy Core, there are four confocal microscopes.

Instrument Room Description
Zeiss 880 Inv. UV/PALM 1002 Highest performance inverted spectral Airyscan Fast with incubator and 355nm laser
Leica SP5 1008 User friendly 5 channel spectral confocal
Zeiss 880 Upright 1004 Most sensitive upright Airyscan Fast
Keyence BZ-X710 1015 All in one inverted fluorescence scope for fast routine imaging, kinetics, video, tiling  and extended depth


Other major imaging equipment includes a laser capture system, an SEM, a critical point dryer, a luminescence imager, and two high performance stereo microscopes.

Instrument Room Description
Arcturus XT 1005 Laser capture system with UV and IR lasers
Hitachi TM-1000 1006 Environmental SEM for live and frozen samples
Luminescence Dark Box 1015 PIXIS 1024B camera on Stanford Photonics enclosure
Leica MZIII Pursuit 1006 Stereo scope with 4MP RGB/gray SPOT camera
Nikon Multiphot 1007 Enlarger stand with PC-controlled retail camera


For sample preparation, there is a complete family of microtomes, a gene gun, a laminar flow hood, an incubator for animal cells and an Arabidopsis growth chamber.

Instrument Room Description
Cryostat Hacker 1005 Motorized Cryostat cuts up to 300um
EMS5000 1005 Oscillating tissue slicer
EMS 850 1005 Critical point dryer for SEM preparation
Quorum SC7620 1005 Au/Pd Sputter coater
Ultracut T 1015 Ultramicrotome with cryo capability
Hacker 5030 1016 Microtome for routine plastic sectioning
PDS1000/He 2009 BioRad gene gun with vacuum chamber
Clean bench 1005 Labcono 5 ft horizontal Laminar flow hood
37° incubator 1017 For short-term animal cell storage
Growth Chamber Hall 25° C 24h day


The large dual bridge robot has a sterile enclosure and high-volume plate carousel.

Instrument Room Description
Biomek FXP 1016 96 & span-8 robot with Cytomat & sub-ul pin tools


Data analysis capabilities include two 3-D rendering packages and an image quantitation system.

Bitplane 1005 User-friendly 3D rendering software
MCID Elite 1015 Image analysis and motorized microscope control