All instruments must have an active booking before they are used.  If additional hours are vacant, you are welcome to continue to work, so long as the extra time is reported promptly (within 24h). Slides containing Arabidopsis seedlings may be disposed of in the sharps containers provided, which are autoclaved before disposal. If you wish to bring in anything that other users may consider a potential hazard, contact the Academic Coordinator beforehand.  Leave the work space clean and tidy, and report any problems with the instruments so they can be addressed. If any glass, (including cover slips) is dropped on the floor or inside an instrument, contact the Academic Coordinator for help removing it.

Cleanup and Shutdown
Always clean all immersion lenses used in your session with a single folded kimwipe and blue cleaning fluid.  For water immersion lenses, sop up surplus water first, to avoid diluting the cleaning fluid.  Oil objectives need to be wiped from wet to dry with new kimwipes 3 or 4 times to remove the more viscous oil. For dipping objectives, rinse with distilled water to remove sample buffer, then immerse in a large drop of blue cleaning fluid for 30 seconds, then wipe dry with a clean folded kimwipe. Dry objectives should not be cleaned. If an optic is contaminated, please contact David Carter for corrective action.
When passing an instrument on to the next user, please indicate which lasers have been turned on and what other settings are different (e.g. is the stage homed?). Shut down unwanted lasers yourself before leaving the instrument.
Dust covers are an essential component of the microscope and must be in place when the instrument is not in use. Do not drop them on the dusty floor. Wait 5 minutes for Argon lasers to cool down before shutting off power.  You will hear the fan go quiet when its cold enough, but there are also flow meters for a visual check on the cooling fans.