Routine Training Workshops

Microscopy workshops are held on demand approximately twice a month for big confocal systems.  If you wish to be trained on a particular instrument, contact explaining your need and availability.  Then the workshop will be scheduled, and advertised on the iigbreservation booking site in case other users wish to join us.  When a user is formally trained, their access is then switched on in the booking system, so they can reserve that resource.  Smaller systems have open booking, so anyone with access to the booking site can reserve and use them.  However, it is often easier to learn how to use a system by demonstration, so feel free to set up a time for individual help.  In this case, you will need to book and pay for the instrument time, but the training comes at no extra charge.  Booking cost may be waived if a group is all being trained together.


Technology Demonstrations

The Microscopy Core Facility is an excellent venue for vendor demonstrations.  Several times per year, new instruments are exhibited in Keen Hall 1007, often with ample opportunity to run your own samples and thoroughly evaluate the benefits and limitations of an instrument.  Please make good use of these demonstrations, so we can keep ourselves informed about the instrumentation marketplace, and prioritize future instrument acquisitions.  For example, the Keyence BZ-X710 all-in-one microscope was so well regarded during a 2016 demonstration, that we purchased the instrument in January 2017.  We have had recent demonstrations of the Thermo CX-7 high content imager, EVOS monitor microscope, and iBRIGHT gel imaging system.  A demonstration of the Hitachi TM-4000 environmental SEM and the Leica SP8 time resolved confocal will be scheduled in the summer of 2018.